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If you've ever thought you were dying for no reason, felt worried on most days, hate crowds, or simply feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this podcast is for you. I will teach you exactly how you can overcome abnormal stress and anxiety.

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On today’s podcast I explore whether or not  herbs can make you better and how anxiety is always mind screwing you.

In this podcast I survey herbs like  Valerian,  St. John’s Wort,  Lavender tea, and  Marijuana. There are of course tons more herbs we could talk about, but I picked these because they are easy to find and easy to find information on. The whole idea behind this podcast was to give you a cursory introduction to these herbs – including their benefits and drawbacks.

On a side note, somebody recently asked me why I don’t make more podcast and the answer should be of some interest to you. The reason why I don’t produce more podcast is because if I don’t receive emailed topics and questions or if I have nothing new to say, nothing gets produced.

I hate when I read or listen to something that is complete crap, so I try to avoid producing garbage content that doesn’t help anyone. If on the other hand, I get contacted with an interesting question or topic, bam! Instant podcast. See these things take time to put together and I refuse to waste your time or my own time with nonsensical drivel.

Note: Do you have a question you want explored on my next podcast? Email me at

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