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If you've ever thought you were dying for no reason, felt worried on most days, hate crowds, or simply feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this podcast is for you. I will teach you exactly how you can overcome abnormal stress and anxiety.

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What's the secret recipe to curing abnormal anxiety?

Well. If you've spent anytime on this site than you probably already have a good idea. But given that its taken me almost three years to amass that information, it could take you awhile to dig into it all.

So today I got a time saver for you. On December, 7 2010 I gave my first interview and during the interview I detailed what I think are the most effective ways to overcome abnormal anxiety.


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Are you ready to win a prize?

Hope so, because between December 20th and December 28th I'll be hosting what I'm calling the Anti-Anxiety Competition Giveaway.


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Every time that you've had a panic attack you've probably felt like you were going to die.

Maybe you've thought that panic was going to cause you to go crazy. But, it hasn't happened.


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