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If you've ever thought you were dying for no reason, felt worried on most days, hate crowds, or simply feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this podcast is for you. I will teach you exactly how you can overcome abnormal stress and anxiety.

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I want to tell you how alcohol causes anxiety and what you can do to prevent it.


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Today I want to chat a bit about treatment options for anxiety and depression because I'd like to clarify a few things.

And in case you're strapped for time here is what I want to say: Curing abnormal anxiety and depression has nothing to do with magic, voodoo, or instant anything.

Instead, treating abnormal anxiety and depression involves finding the right mix of remedies that work for you, committing to that treatment, and a little time.


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Today, I get personal.

But it's not because I'm looking for undue attention, it's because I thought it was the best way to describe how anxiety can come between you and the people you love. I also wanted to show you how you can overcome this phenomenon.


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In this podcast I discuss:

  1. The importance of persistence and goals.
  2. How to apply perseverance intelligently
  3. How to change your frame of mind
  4. And tons of real world examples.
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One of the best ways to stay anxious is to be inflexible.

The biggest reason why many anxiety sufferers are inflexible is because they think in absolute terms. Everything is all or nothing. In other words, you don't just get chest pain, you get potential heart attacks. You don't just get headaches, but potential brain tumors and so on.


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Becoming an anxious person is a shocking proposition.

No part of becoming or staying anxious is easy.

A lot of that has to do with the great amount of change that you undergo when your life is turned upside down by anxiety.


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The Fear of going crazy is common among anxiety sufferers.

Actually, and unfortunately, this fear is almost universal among the nervous. However, this fear is unjustified because anxiety does not cause insanity, period.


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Remember way back when you were a kid and life was simple, or at least simple–er? The good ole days, right? Well, unlike your days as a young’un, today your faced with lots of distractions. Nothing is simple anymore.

In fact, I’d say that much of your life’s simplicity has been taken away by all the distractions that anxiety throws at you.


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In today's podcast I give you advice about how to cope with the fear of fear. In addition, I also offer a few tips about how to handle agoraphobia.

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In this episode of the Anxiety Guru Show I explore the connection between anxiety and depression, and what you can do to cope effectively with both.


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