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If you've ever thought you were dying for no reason, felt worried on most days, hate crowds, or simply feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this podcast is for you. I will teach you exactly how you can overcome abnormal stress and anxiety.

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Becoming an anxious person is a shocking proposition.

No part of becoming or staying anxious is easy.

A lot of that has to do with the great amount of change that you undergo when your life is turned upside down by anxiety.


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Remember way back when you were a kid and life was simple, or at least simple–er? The good ole days, right? Well, unlike your days as a young’un, today your faced with lots of distractions. Nothing is simple anymore.

In fact, I’d say that much of your life’s simplicity has been taken away by all the distractions that anxiety throws at you.


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In today's podcast I give you advice about how to cope with the fear of fear. In addition, I also offer a few tips about how to handle agoraphobia.

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In this episode of the Anxiety Guru Show I explore the connection between anxiety and depression, and what you can do to cope effectively with both.


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What's the secret recipe to curing abnormal anxiety?

Well. If you've spent anytime on this site than you probably already have a good idea. But given that its taken me almost three years to amass that information, it could take you awhile to dig into it all.

So today I got a time saver for you. On December, 7 2010 I gave my first interview and during the interview I detailed what I think are the most effective ways to overcome abnormal anxiety.


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Are you ready to win a prize?

Hope so, because between December 20th and December 28th I'll be hosting what I'm calling the Anti-Anxiety Competition Giveaway.


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Every time that you've had a panic attack you've probably felt like you were going to die.

Maybe you've thought that panic was going to cause you to go crazy. But, it hasn't happened.


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Some time ago, you set out on a journey to cure your abnormal anxiety. And up to this point that journey has been a miserable failure.

But that’s not your fault. It just takes time. It takes time to find the thing that’s keeping you anxious.

Today, I want to help you bring your long  journey to an end.

So to start, let’s go way back. Back to when this all got started. Do you remember your first panic attack? And what about those long days filled with nervousness? I know I do.

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Find out if marijuana helps or hurts anxiety at

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Typically when people think of  anxiety or  anxiety disorder they don’t think about paranoia at the same time. But if your anxiety has been severe enough for a prolonged period of time you can certainly develop mild to moderate forms of paranoid thinking. Today’s podcast is about telling you what that means and how to stop it.

First though, I want to point out that just because you have paranoid thoughts this does not in any way make you crazy. Instead, being paranoid is more a symptom of being wrapped up in your thoughts and concerns. It’s you being way too concerned with what might happen.

Secondly, the reason you need to stop being paranoid is because paranoid thoughts feed your anxiety, which make your fears seem entrenched and more dangerous. This in turn will only make things worse.

I had a great time producing this edition of the Anxiety Guru Show and hope that you benefit from it.


There is a great book by  Dr. George Weinberg entitled Self Creation. This book is a must have for any anxiety sufferer but especially for those that suffer from paranoid thoughts. Inside this book there is even a chapter entitled How to Stop Being a Paranoid that deals exclusively with this issue.

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