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If you've ever thought you were dying for no reason, felt worried on most days, hate crowds, or simply feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this podcast is for you. I will teach you exactly how you can overcome abnormal stress and anxiety.

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The Fear of going crazy is common among anxiety sufferers.

Actually, and unfortunately, this fear is almost universal among the nervous. However, this fear is unjustified because anxiety does not cause insanity, period.


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Remember way back when you were a kid and life was simple, or at least simple–er? The good ole days, right? Well, unlike your days as a young’un, today your faced with lots of distractions. Nothing is simple anymore.

In fact, I’d say that much of your life’s simplicity has been taken away by all the distractions that anxiety throws at you.


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In today's podcast I give you advice about how to cope with the fear of fear. In addition, I also offer a few tips about how to handle agoraphobia.

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In this episode of the Anxiety Guru Show I explore the connection between anxiety and depression, and what you can do to cope effectively with both.


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